Our Support

Contact details below

Who is eligible for support?

  • Every Codesign customer
  • Every confirmeddeveloper of a customer
    • This means the product owner needs to confirm the developer as their own

*We reserve the right to DENY support to every customer and non-customer in case they are not following our guidelines and not being well-mannered towards Our staff members.

What to expect from our support?

  • Detailed documentation and installation guides
    • We provide detailed documentation and installation guides to make Your installation process easier.
    • Please always refer to our documentation before contacting support.
    • Most of the questions You might have are documented and will resolve Your issues much quicker than waiting for a support member response.
  • First-time installation support
    • Support may guide You through the installation in case You are struggling with the provided documentation and steps.
  • Quick-fixes
    • In case some of the codesign bug codes appear always refer to the codesign documentation first.
    • If the bug code is not on the common error codes section our support will provide help.
  • Tips & tricks
    • Our support team will often try to give best-practice advice, as well as hints to what might solve your issues and improve your script experience.
  • English-only support
    • Due to our team limitations please expect to only receive help in ENGLISH.

What NOT to expect from our support?

  • Teaching how to code
    • We are expecting Our customers to have at least a basic knowledge of coding in Lua.
    • Before purchasing always check the documentation in order to make sure You will be able to install the script Yourself.
  • Installing the scripts for You
    • Due to numerous liability issues, we can not use remote services (such as Teamviewer, AnyDesk, etc…) to install the scripts for You.
    • Before purchasing always check the documentation in order to make sure You will be able to install the script Yourself.
  • Re-installing the scripts
    • Once we help install the script for the first time, we cannot offer additional support for installations on new servers, different frameworks, etc…
  • Help with customizing the scripts
    • We provide the product as-is, in case You decide to customize it to Your liking please do not expect us to provide support with it.
  • Support with leaked content
    • Our support has full rights to deny support of any content we might believe is leaked (not acquired legally).
  • Support with other content
    • We cannot offer support with content which is not related to Our products.
    • We cannot modify and/or access other paid content.

Before contacting our support

  •  Make sure to check the documentation

    • Follow every installation step (do not skip them unless instructed to)

    • Read the common issues carefully

    • Read the common error codes carefully

    • Read and follow the troubleshooting guide

  • Keep in mind our scripts are running on many servers

    • We know resolving issues may be frustrating at times, but please do not blame the script at first. 

    • The most likely issue is script installation or configuration, and not an actual bug.

  • Keep a cool head

    • Our support is here to attempt to resolve the issues You are having. 

    • Refrain from arguing with support members.

  • Google the issue

    • Believe it or not - FiveM has a very large community which loves to help people out. Most of the issues are already documented online!

  • Open a support ticket

    • Please choose the correct type of ticket and read the introductory message

E-mail addresssupport@codesign.pro
Discord serverhttps://discord.gg/codesign