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Can be used on ESX/Standalone/Custom frameworks

With this script, we take regular FiveM menu based garages to the next level.


Quick menu

Shows basic stats such as fuel, engine and body health, mileage, and a car plate.
It gives you options to

  1. Take out
  2. Transfer to another player

Detailed menu

Gives you detailed statistics such as current vehicle upgrades, vehicle cost, vehicle performance statistics, and an overall score number which you can use to compare with other players.
It also shows manufacturer icons dynamically for ANY vehicle in GTA 5.

This garage also has support for police impound giving them options to spawn the vehicle on the spot, or just return them to the players' garage.

It also allows boat, air, and car garages.

  • All vehicle damage is saved when they are put in / taken out of the garage.


  • Mileage: If enabled, this will use the inbuilt vehicle mileage system, the higher the miles the lower the vehicles max health will be.
  • Transfer Vehicle command: If enabled, you will be able to use the inbuilt command to transfer vehicles to another player. You also have the ability to blacklist vehicles from being transferred.
  • Garage Space: If enabled, you will be able to limit the number of cars each player can hold. You can allow certain jobs to sell extra garage slots to other players.
  • Vehicle tax system: If enabled you can tax a player based on the number of cars they have in their garage and the value of each car.
  • Save vehicle health: If enabled, the garage will save the popped tires and broken doors and re-apply them all when spawning a vehicle.
  • Discord Logs: If enabled, you have the ability to log impound actions, vehicle transfers, and exploit logs.


These are already provided:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Czech

However, you can customize them or even create your own!


  • Garage shell
  • Easytime - Weather & Time management UI
  • UI based alternative to 3D text

All of these options can be customized (enabled or disabled) based on your preference and requirements of Your server.