How to use


After completing your order, please open up a ticket on our Discord stating your details:

  • E-mail address
  • Products purchased
  • Main server IP
  • Dev server IP

This data will be used for identification purposes.

After confirming this information we will issue an authentication token and files required to receive scripts remotely. These scripts will load each time your server restarts.

It is very important to follow exact installation steps in order to run the script properly. Incorrect installations can automatically put you on a global blacklist.



You will receive files which you have to place in the appropriate folder on your server along with a config file.

It is crucial that you DO NOT OPEN, DO NOT EDIT AND DO NOT TAMPER with the files EXCEPT the config, authorisation and customise_me files.
In the authorisation file you have to insert the APPROPRIATE token you received. DO NOT CHANGE THE TOKEN in any way (This includes extra whitespaces) as it may result in a global blacklist from our services.

After installation start the script like you would normally start any other script.

If everything is successful you should get an "Authentication successful" message in your server console.

In case you have any problems with the script, please contact us on our Discord server.



If you are unhappy with the product purchased, you can open up a ticket on our Discord and request a refund.
We reserve the right to deny refund requests if found to be malicious.