Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling
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Check out our Documentation Website, which includes the installation guide, “how-to” guides, common issues, debugging guide, and a full preview of all configs and locales/translations.


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This resource is drag-and-drop to ensure an easy installation for all developers.


1500+ (not including locales & libraries).

What is this resource?

Codesigns Arm Wrestling is designed to add an arm wrestling mini-game to your server. This mini-game allows players to engage in a virtual arm wrestling competition against each other, adding a new level of excitement and competition to your server.

The script includes an arm wrestling table, arm wrestling animation and sound effects. Players can challenge each other to an arm wrestling match and compete in a virtual arm wrestling competition. The keys randomly change every x number of seconds, so players must be aware when they change to ensure they press the correct keys fast enough to pin their opponent and win the game. If you miss the key press change for even a second, it could lose you the game.

In addition to being a fun mini-game, this can help foster camaraderie and competition amongst your server's players. Players can compete against each other, develop rivalries, and share tips and strategies for winning arm wrestling matches.

Overall, codesigns arm wrestling can be a great addition to any FiveM server that wants to offer its players a fun and interactive way to engage in competition and socialize with each other in-game.

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  • Placeable Arm-wrestling Tables: Players can place tables anywhere. They can do this using a chat command or having the table in their inventory if your server uses a framework. Players can also delete these tables.
  • Fully Synced: Animations are fully synced even on OneSync infinity.
  • Random Key Presses: The keys change every x amount of seconds. You can configure which keys are available and how often they change in the config.
  • Draw Text UI: This resource has its own built-in draw text UI (this can be replaced or customised).
  • Standalone: This is entirely standalone and does not require any framework.
  • Optimized: When not in use, the client-side resmon runs at 0.00. When the UI is open, the resmon increases to 0.05.

Dependencies and Compatibility

Framework Dependencies

  • This resource is completely standalone. No frameworks are required!
  • Auto Detect Framework: This feature automatically identifies your framework and applies the appropriate default settings.
ESX✔️ drag-and-drop compatible
QBCore✔️ drag-and-drop compatible
vRP✔️ drag-and-drop compatible
No-framework✔️ drag-and-drop compatible
Other (custom framework)✔️ drag-and-drop compatible

SQL Resource Dependencies

SQL ResourceCompatibilityNotes
Does not use the database.

Resource Dependencies

NoneN/ANo resource dependencies.


Locale TypeTranslatableNotes

OneSync Compatibility


Want to learn more about the script?

Check out our Documentation Website, which includes the installation guide, “how-to” guides, common issues, debugging guide, and a full preview of all configs and locales/translations.

You can also check out our FiveM Forum Post to view some of the Configurable Files and Locales, Customer Feedback, and Frequently Asked Questions.

All Support is handled through the Codesign Discord Server. Protection Status