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Check out our Documentation Website which includes the installation guide, “how-to” guides, common issues, debugging guide, and a full preview of all of the configs and locales/translations.

This script allows you to select your FiveM character in a more interactive and user-friendly way.

You can customize where characters spawn using coordinates.
Cycling through characters is done with arrow keys and enter to select characters.

Once a character is selected its information is displayed in the box above such as

  • Full name
  • Age, sex & D.O.B
  • Bank, cash, job, vehicles, etc.

The character box allows you to select whether you want to create a character, delete it, or perhaps go back to the selection ( arrow keys ).




  • Supports 10+ Characters: The thing that limits the number of characters is the fact that they cannot all fit on your screen. There is no hard limit of characters in the script itself.
  • Standard Multi Character Method: The standard method works similar to esx_kashacters and this is enabled by default, meaning the switch from esx_kashacters to cd_multicharacter is extremely simple, essentially a drag and drop with minor modifications required. If this is your first time using a multiple-character script it's also very easy to set up.
  • Advanced Multi Character Method: We also have an advanced method that is completely optional but far more optimized. This method modifies your xPlayer.identifier based on your chosen characters id. So when you choose to play on your second character, your xPlayer.identifier will return "Char2:110000105bdca75".  This is the opposite of how the standard method works. With the standard method your xPlayer.identifier will always stay the same eg., “steam:110000105bdca75” but all of your identifiers in the database will be changed (by executing a huge amount of SQL queries). But with the advanced method, your xPlayer.identifier is changed every time based on which character you have chosen, and all of your identifiers in the database are never changed (reducing the number of SQL queries, which means better optimization).
  • Individual Max Character Limit: Staff can add/remove character slots to players using a chat command. This can be used on online or offline players. A few use cases for this could be; rewarding good roleplayers, perks for staff, perks for donators, etc. There is also a command to reset everyone's max character limit to an amount you choose.
  • Database Cleaner: When using multi-character resources on esx, a lot of unnecessary rows are added in the database, with this small addition, we can remove a lot of rows from your database that is unnecessary and just take up space.
  • Delete Characters: You can choose whether players can delete their characters.
  • (NEW) Ped Model Compatibility: When using esx_skin and a modified version of skinchanger, your saved ped models will be visible during character selection as seen here.
  • (NEW) Multiple Skin Scripts Supported: We have just added support for cui_character, along with the existing esx_skin and betrayed_clothing. More can and will be added in the future at the customer's request.

 All of these options can be customized (enabled or disabled) based on your preference and the requirements of your server.

Dependencies and Compatibility

Framework Dependencies

ESX✔️ drag-and-drop compatibleSupports esx 1.1 / 1.2 / / extendedmode / legacy
Other (custom framework)

SQL Resource Dependencies

SQL ResourceCompatibilityNotes
mysql-async✔️ drag-and-drop compatible
ghmattimysql✔️ drag-and-drop compatible

Resource Dependencies

Skin ResourceCompatibilityNotes
esx_skin & skinchanger✔️ minor changes required (view here)
cui_character✔️ minor changes required (view here)
betrayed_clothing✔️ minor changes required (view here)

Identity ResourceCompatibility
cd_identity✔️ drag-and-drop compatible
esx_identity✔️ changes may be requiredDue to the many different versions, this may not be drag-and-drop


Locale TypeTranslatableNotes

OneSync Compatibility


(We are not recommending any specific version, use a version that works for you).

Want to learn more about the script?

Check out our Documentation Website which includes the installation guide, “how-to” guides, common issues, debugging guide, and a full preview of all of the configs and locales/translations.

You can also check out our FiveM Forum Post to view some of the Configurable Files and Locales, Customer Feedback, and Frequently Asked Questions.

All Support is handled through the Codesign Discord Server. Protection Status