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Easytime - FiveM Time and Weather
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Easytime is a small but useful UI for FiveM server administrators which allows them to manipulate time and weather with a click of a button!

  • 15 Different weather types
  • Animated time slider
  • Blackout
  • Dynamic weather
  • Config options to change the rain/thunder/snow chances.
  • Natural weather cycles

We have created natural weather cycles, so when dynamic weather is enabled, it will cycle through each group to make weather changes feel more natural, instead of instantly switching from sunny to thunder within seconds. If dynamic weather is enabled and you change the weather, it will continue through the natural weather cycle. It will not repeat the same cycle twice in a row.

How do I use?

The default command to open the UI is /easytime. If you are not using esx you will need to set Config.Framework to 'custom' and add your own code for the permissions check in server/server.lua line 229.


It is possible that Easytime conflicts with other time and weather scripts such as vMenu or vSync

How do I enable persistent weather?

Firstly enable the Config.PersistentWeather option in the config.lua. Then in order to save the settings before a server restart, you must trigger this server event TriggerServerEvent('cd_easytime:SaveSettings'). The settings will be saved in the settings.txt file.  Now when the server/script restarts, these settings will automatically re apply for all players. Staff can also manually save these settings through the UI.

Shell support

When a player enters a shell you will need to trigger the client event below. When this happens the time will change to night time and weather will change to clear for this player only to ensure there are no visual anomaly's.

When entering a shell
When exiting a shell
 TriggerEvent('cd_easytime:PauseSync', true)
TriggerEvent('cd_easytime:PauseSync', false)