Codesign Companion

Need a helping hand with bug fixes? Or maybe you´re looking for script installation, modifications, ESX to QBCore conversions, or even a custom script? Don´t you worry, because you might have just found the right person to do all these for you.

Codesign Companion will be your personal developer for hire! Management-approved, experienced developers are just a few clicks away! All you have to do is open a Codesign Companion ticket in our discord and fill out the details of what you´re looking for and what budget you have available for the task. Our Companions will review your request as soon as possible, and get back to you whether they are available to take the job or not.

For security reasons, never accept Codesign Companion offers through DMs or other means of communication, communication is only done through a Codesign Discord ticket. Currently, our only approved Companions are the people listed below . If you receive offers from someone else, they´re not affiliated with Codesign in any way.

We can offer:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Script Optimisation
  • Custom Scripts
  • Codesign Script Installation
  • Codesign Script Modifications
  • ESX to QBCore conversions (and vise versa)
  • And can offer much more at your request!